Pawz – Pioneer in Disposable Dog Boots

Dogs are the loveliest pets that you could ever own. Its only when you do so, you know how adorable they are. The way they look at us with all the love and admiration in their innocent eyes, just melts our heart away. Dog lovers have gone to vast extents to make sure their dogs are given optimum comfort and sufficient food at the right time. It is very essential to take your dogs out on walks which are beneficial to both you and your dog.

Some think it’s natural for the dogs to walk barefoot because they are created that way. This is not the case in all dogs since they are domesticated and habituated with all the luxuries that you yourself experience within the four walls of your home. Dog paws are soft and fleshy and while strolling along with your canine loved ones you cannot literally take care that all the four limbs of your dogs do not encounter sharp objects on their way. Walking or running barefoot has another major disadvantage of the dirt and fecal matter lying on the road getting adhered to your pooch’s feet and thus being carried all the way back home, onto all your furniture and other household items.

So in order to curb these unwanted problems that might cause serious health hazards to both your pet and your family’s well being, pet accessory retailers and manufacturers have come up with dog shoes. These shoes provide both safety and style along with optimum comfort to the cute little paws of your canine darlings. Although there are a variety of companies manufacturing dog shoes, in the market, there is only one company called Pawz that produces the world’s only disposable dog boots.

Pawz boots are made up of natural rubber and are not only disposable but also waterproof. They also manufacture reusable boots. It is available in varied colors and are very stylish to look at. They are eco-friendly as well, being 100% biodegradable. It is both fashionable and durable at the same time. Unlike other commercially available dog shoes, Pawz do not sport zippers or straps on its dog indogshoes boots, instead they are designed such that they can be easily worn in and taken off and fits flexibly and comfortably on all sized dog paws. It is the perfect protection for the paws of your pooches. The material which it is made up of is designed to be simple without any extra padding thus giving an utterly natural feel to your canine pals. Without the padding, that are normally found in normal dog shoes, the dogs get the secure feeling of being close to the ground without being barefoot.

Pawz adjusts itself perfectly with every angle of your dog paws making them the most comfortable wear. It allows convenient movement of paws and paw muscles. Another added advantage is you can buy multiple disposable boots as opposed to a single set of extravagant dog shoes. There are chances of losing dog shoes that might have cost excessively; on the other hand, loss of disposable Pawz boots doesn’t really drill a hole in your pocket. They are very economical and they come in a set of 12 in a package, in attractive colors, so that you can match your apparel with your pooch’s boots. Each boot has Pawz logo imprinted on them. These boots are recommended by vets and dog groomers all around.


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