Simple Health – Two Great Age Defying Tips

Okinawa in Japan has more people over 100 per 100, 000 population than anywhere else in the world. The have the lowest death rates from the biggest known killers in modern times, that is cancer, heart disease and stroke.

What Is Their Secret?

This question has been studied and researched since the 1970’s by geneticists and health researchers and here are some tips from their findings:

They Engage In Natural Healthy Aging

The Okinawans did not reject aging or try to fight it cosmetically. It is viewed as a normal progression in life and not as a reason to just let it all go. As a result Okinawans aged healthily with lean muscle mass and were still very energetic and supple.

Improve Your Diet

The Okinawans eat fewer calories and as a result there are fewer free radicals found in their blood. Free radicals are the trouble making cells that damage healthy cells in the body causing various ailments such as cancer and heart disease. They are produced as a result of normal cell functions.

The Okinawans have a cultural practice called Hara Hachi Bu which consists of eating until you are only 80% full. When you are consuming less calories you are ensuring less free radicals and decreasing the risk of the aforementioned illnesses. Westerners who practice restricted calorie intake are basically mimicking this practice and tests on these people have been shown to prove that their bodies are considerably younger and fitter than their chronological age would suggest and certainly much fitter and younger than that of their western peer group.

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