Animal Rights and Welfare

Unfortunately, there are many animals out there who are neglected and abused. Most western cultures have laws that punish those who injure animals intentionally, including those requiring animals to do too much work. We also have facilities for the rehabilitation of wild animals, and organizations that support and protect natural habitats for animals 香港獸醫診所.

Before you get involved in an animal organization, make sure you understand everything they believe in. One of the largest organizations, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA), is most famous for speaking out against the use of animals for research, especially repetitive research such as measuring effects of caustic chemicals on animal eyes and finding lethal doses of household chemicals – but they also advocate a ban on keeping animals for our enjoyment because (they say) the practice shows a disrespect for other forms of life.

What would happen to all of the animals if people stopped taking care of them? When an animal and person is matched up correctly, doesn’t the animal benefit from all of the love and care they receive, just as much as the unconditional love they give?

Animal rights and animal welfare often overlap. Most pet owners are concerned with both the welfare of their pets and providing the type of food, shelter, affection and activity that animals enjoy.

Use your purchasing power to support only pet traders who balance profits with animal care. Don’t be trapped by feeling sorry for the animal and buying him anyway. As soon as you purchase the animals the business owner will be able to acquire another for sale. Use your dollars to vote against large animal trading businesses that do not spend a significant amount of income on animal care. Use your dollars to vote for responsible breeders and to support animal shelters and rescuers also.

Report animals in danger, creating a nuisance, or threatening the well-being of a citizen. You may be concerned that the animal will be locked up – but you may be saving the animal from being hurt badly from other people.

There are so many organizations out there that only care about making the almighty buck. While there is nothing wrong with wanting your business to be profitable, there is something wrong when you do it at the expense of a living creature.

All living creatures deserve respect and humane treatment. If a person or business can not treat their animals as such, then they do not need to be in that kind of business – and as long as people keep supporting them by buying their animals, it will keep them in business. Instead, if you know of a business as such, please report them. They will be investigated, and if found not to be treating their animals humanely, they will be shut down and all of the animals will be taken away and put in good shelters or places where they can go to good homes.

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